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Prem Chand Nyas announces SIGNAL FOR ALL short film festival for kids upto class XII

Send video for SIGNAL FOR ALL & win fabulous prizes: No entry fee

Whether by keeping people entertained, abreast of the latest news, or informed of worldviews, the growth of the electronic media is impacting lives of many in several ways.

How ever, the effects of the media are not always positive in our communities. Vulgarity, violence and immorality streams in to our homes every day.

Today’s world we are surrounded by crime, violence, prostitution, uncertainity, disturbed society living out of fear, day by day the suffering is increasing.

Digital content (video) is touching every one’s life every day. To provide a common plateform and collective initiative we are hosting SIGNAL FOR ALL a short film festival for students upto class XII. In this fest any kid can send video on any subject shooted by digital video camera or handy cam or cell phone. The fest is scheduled in all major cities of India, No entry fee No enrolment No any hidden charges. Any one can send any number of video of 1 mts to 6 mts and win fabulous prizes. All selected video from a particular city will be exhibited in that city’s fest. When we get min. 2000 video from a city, we shall host SIGNAL FOR ALL in that city, so it is continuous process.

We believe that SIGNAL FOR ALL will be able to provide a very strong tool and system to future citizen to fight injustice. Tis will also accelarate the process of sustanable development.

SIGNAL FOR ALL will also provide a plate form to the filmmakers , TV Channels to reach their target audience . Their film & channel will also beallowed to exhibit in a separate corridor at every event venue.

Schools will also get free sponsorship at their city to expose their activity before community.

Videos may be submitted with relevant details to


About Prem Chand Nyas


Munshi Prem Chand Smarak Shodh Evam Shikshan Nyas is created in the memory of Great Legend of Indian Litrature and greatv freedom fighter Munshi Prem Chand, who is the first thinker & litrary personality portraied thelast man of the society in hislitrature. He strick on untouchability/injustice &laid down foundation of Dalt Litrature.


Prem Chand Nyas is having headquarter at Allahabad & headed by the grandson of Munshi Prem Chand, Sri Atul Rai.


We believe that litrature can reunite & rebuild society with out any conflict, but in present days books has been replaced by digital content( film/video), So we want to drive the vision & goal set by Upanyas Samrat Munshi Prem Chand through films. Our website is


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